As I reflect
As I take a moment to reflect on the year 2023, I extend my gratitude to the Lord for the accomplishments and valuable lessons learned. I am grateful for God’s protection, provision, guidance in opening and closing doors, and for healing my body.

Moving forward, I have planned numerous activities for 2024 that will enable me to be accountable for my life. Allow me to share two significant events taking place in things I am doing. . Firstly, in our women’s ministry (Women of Destiny) we are having a FREE 31-Day Rebuilding Accountability Journey. For further information, please email me back. Secondly, we have a business workshop event where we show you how to create multiple streams of income to leave a legacy for your children. We will be partnering with TDCJ, Quickbooks, and Prairie View A&M University Workforce Development Department. They will teach us how to become contract-ready and share the available opportunities for business owners.


Join my hubby and I LIVE tomorrow @6:30am CST for our Coffee & Conversation on Youtube, FB, & my IG page