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From Pain to Purpose

From Pain to Purpose is an e-course designed for that woman who feels like she is stuck in their pain and she’s unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This class will teach you how to climb the ladder and put in the work for your next.

Are you ready to acknowledge and accept your truth?

The process of transformation isn’t an easy one.

  • Are you ready to dig up the dirt?
  • Are you ready to move forward?
  • Are you ready to experience the weights come off slowly?
  • Are you ready to trust the process?

This class will teach you how to climb the ladder and put in the work for your next. So, let’s start climbing the ladder to your next one today!!!


From Pain to Purpose course is created to bring your pain to the surface so that you can stare your pain in the face with confidence knowing that it’s your reality, but it’s not your ending story. I will remind you that you were made for your pain but you don’t have to stay in your pain.

Who is Pain to Purpose from?

Any woman who has allowed physical illness or mental pain to keep them stuck. 

What are we doing?

Empowering that woman who has endured pain and showing her how to turn that pain into passion, then turning that passion into purpose and then turning that purpose into profit.

How are we doing it?

Through Content, Masterclasses, Retreats: Virtual and Face 2 Face, and through this training Course


It’s time to finally face your pain so that you can get to your purpose! Claim your free workbook and do the work!


Tonya Harden

Believer | Pastor’s Wife | Mother | Author | Life Coach | Mentor | Business Consultant

I know a thing or two about struggling with your identity.

Growing up in the church allowed me to find my passion.

I knew I wanted to be a voice for you who are silently suffering. I understood that frustration within yourself can lead to you hurting others, and it became my goal to remind you to see yourself through God’s eyes…not people.

It was through an illness that I found my purpose.

19 years of journaling led me to share my story with the world by writing my first book.

It was through the process of writing that I found my identity.

Writing my story was therapeutic and healing.
After becoming a certified Life Coach, I started designing strategies with principals that will allow you to grow in every area of your life. I discovered my purpose, and I’ve gone on to impact hundreds of women just like you.

If you’re ready to step into your purpose, work with me one-on-one or purchase my e-course, From Pain to Purpose.

I can’t wait to meet you.

Client love for Tonya Harden

“But I understand why… it’s because I never really dealt with my pain.”

“Taking the Pain To Purpose Course has truly been an eye-opener for me. From the very first video, I broke down crying because I had to face my pain. We try to burn it and not think about it. Situations happen and old feelings arise from nowhere. But I understand why, it’s because I never really dealt with my pain. This course has allowed me to bring it to the forefront. I have learned that I have to overcome this pain before I can go out and help anyone else. This part of the course made my spirit leap on the inside. I discovered who I am after the pain. I discovered what the new Dendra looks like! If you are still holding on to hurt and pain in your life, I highly recommend this training course. When you know better, you do better and for me, this course has shown me the areas I’ve been blocking out. I’m excited and ready to see what God has for me. ” – Dendra Butler

from pain to purpose – syllabus

Day One...

Facing your Pain

Welcome letter

Video Course: Facing Your Pain


Day Two...

Overcoming your Pain

Video Course: Overcoming your pain


Day Three...

From Pain to Passion

Video Course: From Pain to Passion


Day Four...

Turning your Pain into Purpose

Video Course: Turning your Pain into Purpose



+ Exclusive Bonus Course

Video Course: Structuring Your Success



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