1 review for You Are the Fragrance: Pastor's Wife Guide by Tonya Harden

  1. Sylvia Moore

    I love the book it makes you LOL, it makes you see yourself, It makes you think about your ENTIRE life not just being a wife.

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You Are the Fragrance: Pastor’s Wife Guide by Tonya Harden

What do you do when you are in a place that is supposed to bring you peace but in the words of Tupac, “All eyes are on you” and if you make a mistake, you are the target? What do you do when those that look up to you now have a goal to destroy you and your character? Do you lash out? Do you bash them on social media? Do you confront the issue? Do you bury it? What do you do about the hurt you experience as the Pastor’s wife of the church? What do you do when you have been told as the Pastor’s wife how you should conduct yourself by those that have never walked in your shoes or held your position?

This book is designed for the Senior Pastor’s wife and for those who try to understand her and why she does what she does.

Tonya Harden’s goal for this guide is to encourage the Senior Pastor’s wife, who may be silently choking because of the ministry, the members, and her marriage. This is for that Pastor’s wife who feels all alone is unable to trust anyone because everyone she connects with either ends up hurting her, hating her or trying to compete with her. This is also for that Pastor’s wife that sits in a church where she feels like a stranger, but others see her as the strongest person in the room.

Tonya’s aim is to remind the wives of pastors, that they are the butterflies in the room, and they have the best seat in the house, all they must do is use their platform properly, and most of all, hold their heads up high because they are a diamond to the kingdom. A Pastor’s wife should stay connected to God, stay connected to their marriage and most importantly, stay connected to the ministry, in that order. God will work everything out in their favor.