Find the drive to continue pushing purpose alongside your husband

Pastor wives masterclass

How to use your platform properly as the Pastor’s wife.

 You don’t have to balance your duties as a Pastor’s Wife all alone…

As a Pastor wife have you asked yourself these questions?

  • What can I do to balance my marriage, ministry and myself?
  • How do I start a ministry in my church?
  • Do I work with the women of the youth ministry?
  • I have started a ministry but I don’t know what to do next?
  • I lost my momentum due to church hurt. How do I get my momentum back?

I’m here to help you find your momentum and the drive to continue pushing purpose alongside your husband. 


The Pastor’s Wife Masterclass is designed to encourage and guide you in your duties as a Pastor’s wife. By the end, you’ll be focused, faithful, and fearless in the pursuit of your destiny. 

6-month program working in a small group setting with other like-minded Pastor’s wives just like you

Hand-in-hand guidance through all of the stages of building your platform as a Pastor’s wife

Weekly small-group calls for clarity and motivation

Workbooks and worksheets designed to help you get crystal clear on what you’re supposed to achieve within your platform


Tonya Harden

life coach | author | pastor’s wife | mother

I know a thing or two about struggling with your identity.

Growing up in the church allowed me to find my passion.

I knew I wanted to be a voice for you who are silently suffering. I understood that frustration within yourself can lead to you hurting others, and it became my goal to remind you to see yourself through God’s eyes…not people.

It was through an illness that I found my purpose.

19 years of journaling led me to share my story with the world by writing my first book.

It was through the process of writing that I found my identity.

Writing my story was therapeutic and healing.

After becoming a certified Life Coach, I started designing strategies with principals that will allow you to grow in every area of your life. I discovered my purpose, and I’ve gone on to impact hundreds of women just like you.

If you’re ready to step into your greatness as a Pastor’s wife, work with me one-on-one or join my program, Pastor’s Wives Masterclass

I can’t wait to meet you.

Praise for Pastor wives masterclass

"Yes! So many takeaways!"

Yes! So many takeaways!

1. Frustration goes up not down.
2. This class is for me!! I am very new to being a pastor’s wife. I find it difficult because I had a platform and ministry before I became a pastor’s wife, so now my struggle is how do I mesh the two. Do I try and get the women on board with Victorious Women? Or do I start a new ministry just for the church women?
3. I have experienced church hurt. I think the ladies expected me to come a certain way, and when I didn’t I’m not sure what or how they feel about me. I have been supporting them as they lead auxiliaries in the church. I don’t think I am using my platform properly yet.

So excited for class tonight. I’ll be in the car at dance rehearsal, but still excited. -Victoria Gilbert

"WOW... I thought I could never be a Pastor’s wife because I’m not good at playing a role."

“Your role as a Pastor’s wife is not something you play, it’s something you walk out in.”

WOW… I thought I could never be a Pastor’s wife because I’m not good at playing a role.

So when you said what you said I thought, “wow this has been me & I have failed at it because God did not choose me to “play” a role & be the cool, laid back, everybody’s BFF First Lady of the church.”

He had plans and a purpose for my life on the platform that He chose me to be on. From the moment my husband accepted his calling I thought “God chose you not me” but eventually I saw it very different. But when you said “God chose you & He knew the pain you would endure “ I felt that.

God is truly using you & this class to help me not only walk in His purpose alongside my husband but rediscover my WHY. I’m so hype right now I can hardly stand it. We are destined for this!!!

-Tracey Moyer

"We must sit and discuss our vision..."

I think this week’s frustration and the material in the class this week have lined up divinely. Listening to the playback of the videos, I see that we must sit and discuss our vision again so that we both can develop things in ministry that display the vision. Thank you! – Aiesha Hines

"It reminded me of who I was, & what I was called to do..."

This class was extremely effective for me as a Pastor’s wife because it reminded me of who I was, & what I was called to do. This class gave me a boost of confidence and clarity of my platform as a Pastor’s wife. Pastor Harden and helped me to remember my why, to not give up and to know that I’m not in this alone.

"It gave me the momentum and direction to press forward..."

This course was encouraging and let me know that it’s ok to be where I am, but that I can not stay there and it gave me the momentum and direction to press forward in the things that are necessary for our ministry.


"This Girls Trip has been WONDERFUL, BLESSED, AMAZING..."

Lord, I truly THANK YOU for all you have done for me, through me, and what you’re about to do!!!

Again this Girls Trip has been absolutely WONDERFUL, BLESSED, AMAZING, REJUVENATING ETC! People, it is so important to listen to God and obey Him on every assignment that He puts in your Spirit because you never know who will be blessed and helped by
your obedience, amen church!

Again, Lady Tonya Harden keep obeying God; the BEST is yet to come!!! -Lynn Brown

the pastor wives masterclass agenda

1. Identify

2. Balance

3. Ministry

4. Momentum

Identify Your Platform
  • How to get clarity on your platform
  • How to get committed
  • How to get consistent
  • How to get confident in your gift
Balance Marriage & Ministry
  • How to know the vision
  • How to believe in the visionary
  • How the visionary can believe in you
How to Start a Women's Ministry
  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Pursuing Purpose
  • Purpose=Profit
Momentum to Stay Motivated
  • How to stay focused
  • How to stay fearless
  • How to stay faithful