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Wounded to Warrior to Winning

NOTE: The dates of this event will be changing! We will announce the new dates soon. Stay Tuned.


Butterfly Academy Mentorship Program
Title: Wounded to Warrior to Winning

Have you as a woman pushed yourself into believing that you can be this Superwoman that helps everyone, but you are hanging on by a thread slipping because you have not healed properly from past and present hurt? Do you feel like you have spiritual wounds that have not healed properly? Do you feel like you keep getting cut in the same place because you keep allowing people to mishandle you as a woman?
Sometimes as women of faith do great things in the body of Christ and we become the Superwoman to our children, husbands, family, friends, co-workers, etc. But often we are walking around wounded because of past and present hurt, that has allowed us as women to walk around with these wounds that have not healed for real.

Maybe like me your wounds looked like fear, rejection, shame or insecurities, which may have caused isolation. Also, like the scars on your heart show up in the form of bitterness, anxiety, addiction or depression.

I want to show you for the next 6 weeks how I learned how to turn my war wounds into winning opportunities. During these 6 weeks i will show you how
How to fight the battle that you may not be aware of.
To win a war you don’t know that you in by Being Alert
How to find peace while healing in the war
How to position yourself for the war
How to turn your war wounds into winning opportunities
And much more

Are you ready to start the process of winning and healing? Join me and other ladies as we go on the journey of finding out how there is a Real Healed from wounded to warrior to WINNING.

-Pastor Tonya’s & Women of Destiny new book “There is a Real Healed you”
-Hand-in-hand guidance through all of the stages of rebuilding after hitting rock bottom
-Weekly small-group calls for clarity and motivation
-Workbooks and worksheets designed to help you get crystal clear on what you’re supposed to achieve as a woman