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There’s Power in Your Pain: When You Learn to Speak Life Into It

While being a Christian, can I drown in pain? Yes, you can!!! Some may say I’m saved, and everything in my life is perfect; others may say I’m saved, but hurting from past or recent family hurt, relationship hurt, church hurt, loss of a loved one, molestation, rape, etc. This book is for you if you have experienced any hurt in your life. For some Christians, life isn’t always about rainbows and butterflies, which both are beautiful. Sometimes, life just sucks, and we get hurt in the process. People leave you, you experience heartbreak, someone mistreats you, and you make mistakes you can’t undo.

Some may say, “What do I do when I wake up in the morning with this pain in my chest? What do I do when I feel like I’m drowning and can’t breathe because it hurts so badly? What do I do when I feel like the only thing I can do is stay in bed for the rest of my life because of sadness? What do I do?”

This book will remind you, as a Christian, to really understand how to truly be a Romans 8:28 Christian (and we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him).
Tonya Harden, Author author of “There’s Power in Your Pain,” takes you on an amazing journey of self-reflection and will make you look at pain from a different perspective. She will show you how she had to use the Word of God to conquer adversities in her life. She will also share when she understood the true meaning of being a Roman’s 8:28 Christian.
Tonya lives by a statement that she created for a women’s ministry she founded by the name of Women of Destiny. That statement is, “Think Pink,” my sister.” Tonya’s ministry teaches that you must learn to be like Paul (Acts 26:2) and think yourself happy through your pain.

Think your way out of the situation by “Thinking Pink,” my sister.” This statement should be used to remind yourself or your Sisters in Christ to remain the way God intended and created you to be: soft, sweet, and saved at all times. You can accomplish this by not allowing the outer influences of life (such as abuse, neglect, or frustration) to enter in and make you a bitter, angry woman who rejects love from others.

“Remember, when life happens, “Think Pink,” my sister.” –Tonya Harden