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Team Harden’s Marriage Survival Guide: Her Story – The Lessons We Used to Survive Our Marriage

After you have said yes in front of your family, friends, and God; after the party is over and you drive away with the sign on your car that says, “just married,” you find yourself on this new beautiful, exciting journey of your life called marriage. Unfortunately, no one at the party gave you a manual or guide on what happens after you say, “I do.” After saying I do, this is when the real work begins. Yes, marriage is work, but it’s worth it!!!

This book will show you how, together, we had to and still must learn to be patient, to communicate properly, and be understanding of one another. Also, you will learn how my husband and I struggled through our marriage and the lessons we learned that have helped us survive our marriage. You will learn, through this book, how every trial, tribulation, and heartbreak in your marriage are all part of your life lesson. This book is told from a woman’s perspective. My husband wrote another book from a male’s perspective. You will need to read both books, either together or separate, in order to learn the lessons through your spouse’s eyes. It’s time for you, as a couple, to realize that there’s a way to survive your marriage, but you must see it from two different views to understand the fullness of your marriage.

***** Tonya Harden is also the author of, “There’s Power in your Pain,” and now “Team Harden Marriage Survival,” which will allow readers to see their marriages through a different microscope. She will show readers why they should do the work to set their marriage on the path to true success, and to becoming a true love story. Lastly, she will show readers how to embrace their marriages and learn how to appreciate their spouses. She will give readers relatable and relevant lessons on how to survive marriage.