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Marriage Survival Virtual 4-week Boot camp with Bishop & Pastor Tonya

After you have said yes in front of your family, friends and God: after the wedding is over and you drive away with a sign on your car that says, “just married”, you find yourself excited about this new journey called marriage, until months or years later you realize that to stay married to the person you love is going to take work.

You don’t want to miss this 4-week Marriage Survival Virtual Bootcamp that will spiritually stretch you and your spouse, but will allow you to continue to grow as a spouse.

After being high school sweethearts and married for 21 years, Clyde & Tonya Harden will show you how they continue to fight for their marriage and learn how to survive the trials and adversity together as a couple. They will share tips about their life changing book “Marriage Survival Guide” and remind couples about love, honor, building future and financial wealth in your marriage.

During these 4 week together they will show you:

The Power of Love
How Parenting is a partnership
How to position your marriage for greatness
How to prepare for your future

If you are married and you want to grow, glow and go to the next level in your marriage, you don’t want to miss the 4-week Marriage Survival Virtual Bootcamp.

The bootcamp will be on sale through January 21st! After that date, the price will raise, so please purchase your tickets now.