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Church Hurt But It Helped: The Workbook

This workbook has been designed for the readers that are reading the book, Church Hurt, but it Helped, “The blessings behind the lessons”. The goal of this workbook is to allow you, the reader to take notes and answer questions that will prepare you on your journey to healing properly. It will also allow you as an individual to identify and resolve your own personal issues, as well as remind you why you should believe in the church again.

While reading this book you will notice there are life lessons that I have learned as a church member, church ministry leader, Minister's wife, a Pastor's wife, and now a Bishop’s wife. I pray that it will allow you to pause and note your own personal lessons that you have learned throughout the book. I would strongly suggest that after reading the book Church Hurt, but it Helped, to share what you have learned with someone that has experienced church hurt.

Lastly, if you really want to heal properly from church hurt you must be willing to believe in the church again, but most of all, be willing to put in the work. This journal will allow you to start the process, you deserve it and you are so needed in the church. Yes, church hurt, but it helped you become a better you. So let’s start the healing process and let’s grow together.