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Church Hurt, but it Helped: Learning the Blessing Behind the Lessons

Have you experienced church hurt before? After experiencing so much chaos in the world and you make the decision to change your life by going to church, you did not expect hurt to happen in the church. When you have experienced so much hurt, pain, rejection, slander, disappointment, jealousy, hatred, judgment and so much more.

The last place you would expect to experience this kind of mistreatment is in the church. We expect to be mistreated in the world, but we are often blindsided, and our feelings are hurt because we expect to be treated with love, understanding, and compassion by the people in the church.

Some people have experienced hurt in the church by church members in the pews and church leaders in the pulpit of a church. We expect it to be different from the world, but the truth is: THINGS ARE NOT DIFFERENT.

When you have been hurt in the place that you expected to experience the peace of God, but that was not your experience. What are you supposed to do? Do you leave the church? How do you handle this church hurt? Do you confront the issues? Bury it? Lash out at the person who hurt you? What do you do about church hurt?

Well, this book was designed just for you to show you how Tonya Harden had all the same questions and through her church life experience as a member, as a minister's wife, as a Pastor’s wife, and now as a Bishop’s wife. She will show you through her church experiences, how she had to learn the blessings behind the lesson and how church hurt, but it helped her to become a better her.