From Purpose to Profit: Virtual Masterclass

Do you connect with people? Do you see yourself in rooms with people that you believe have the influence to do something meaningful?  Are you effective while defining your purpose? Do you find yourself attentive and willing to help others? Do you have a team, a paid or volunteer team that helps with your purpose?  Are you willing to grow authentically, but effectively to influence others?  

I am you and you are me.  

When I found my identity, I was able to run into my purpose which is serving women in my church and community,  but for years I encouraged, empowered, and poured into women during I-hop meetings, conferences, retreats, women’s social media groups, and much more.  

While serving women I started to see the outcome of those women’s lives and I realized that I wanted to make this my business to empower and encourage women.  So for years, I was behind the scenes doing purpose and gaining profit but I did not have a strategic plan or strategy. 

I did not know how to get from purpose to profit, because I did not know how to be creative in my approach to my purpose.  But, in 2016 I started a journey of serving women outside of my church as a Pastor’s wife and I am continuing that journey of turning my Purpose into Profit.

From Purpose to Profit 4-week Masterclass is designed for that woman that is transitioning from her pain to identifying her purpose but needs clarity of how to gain profit while doing purpose.  During these four weeks, I want to show you how to 

  1. Start the process of purpose 
  2. Give back to your community, city, even when it’s not profitable 
  3. Create a team that doesn’t mind volunteering at the beginning of your purpose 
  4. How you can gain profit for your purpose 

Yes, you can gain profit for your purpose, but I want to show you how to be faithful over a little because you are designed for greater.  Join Butterfly Academy Mentorship for this 4-Weeks From Purpose to Profit Masterclass.   

4-week Butterfly Academy Mentorship

-From Purpose to Profit Agenda-

Week 1

  • Start the process of defining your purpose
  • How to overcome Fear and Doubt
  • How your passion is connected to your purpose


Week 2-

  • Give your purpose back
  • How your purpose is not just designed to gain profit
  • How your purpose is not designed to go to your grave
  • Show you the difference between purpose vs popularity.


Week 3-

  • Create a Team for your purpose
  • How to create your team
  • Why do you need a team
  • When do you need


Week 4-

  • How to gain profit for your purpose
  • Becoming Committed
  • Becoming Consistent
  • Becoming Clear about your budget for your purpose

The course will be on sale through September 24th! After that date, the price will raise, so please purchase your tickets now.


Oct 04 - 29 2021


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