As we prepare to close out the first quarter of this year, I pray that you have continued the journey of your vision. What are you doing? What are you waiting on? Have you already started going into your old habits? Have started accepting things that you said you would no longer accept?

I come this morning to be that reminder and that sister in Christ that may get on your nerves, but you love me because I am always reminding you and encouraging you “DON’T YOU DARE QUIT”.

For the last three weeks, I have been sharing a series with our church family titled: Faith Forward. During this series, I shared how to Faith Forward in God, Faith Forward in Family, and how to Faith Forward in your Finances. Listen, the only reason we stop believing in our vision or stop having faith forward and start going into our old way of thinking by this time of year is because life has started to life, which is a part of your growing moment. I understand you may feel like you are losing it, but I come to tell you Sis you Got this.

Last month while sitting in my office, I remember thinking to myself that my life has experienced so much turbulence and trials just like yours, but immediately I heard God say, but you have to Faith Forward. Meaning that because of my experience in life, has allowed me to have confidence in God and not in myself. Listen, we are born and driven by the world to trust in ourselves, yet we know that each of us will come to an end sooner or later, but if we put our faith and trust in God we can experience the unexplainable, unbelievable, and unforgettable guidance that will bring desired results. I knew when I kept hearing those words over and over Faith Forward that God was getting my attention and allowing me to go down memory lane for a moment to show me my Faith Forward moments. Immediately I was led to read Hebrews 11, which is a faith declaration chapter. Reading it reminded me just like he allowed Noah, Encho, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, and Joseph’s faith to be stretched. He also allowed Clyde & Tonya Harden’s faith to be stretched and you as well.

What I found out in Hebrews 11 is that every person who walked by Faith did not allow anyone or anything to stop them. Noah was told by God to go build something that would protect his entire family and animals. Something that had never been built before and because God told him to build it for a flood that was coming. Noah had never seen rain before and he never built a 3 story boat with rooms just the way God told him to build. But because he had enough Faith to look forward and build it, he did just what God told him to do and his family was protected. I’m sure people laughed at him, talked about him, and didn’t believe what God told him to do, but he did what God told him to do. I believe he did not just have Faith in himself, but he also had faith in his family that they would trust the God in him to faith with him.

Abraham was told by God to move away from his family (Gen:12). The Lord let him know he would bless his nation and those that were connected to him would be blessed. The Bible says he had more than enough, he had so much cattle and land that he and Lot had to go two different ways because he was so blessed. Listen, God wants us to not only have Faith in him but also faith in your Finances. The Bible says that Abraham did not know where he was going all he knew was God said to GO. He took everything he had not knowing where his next meal or money was coming from, but he Faith Forward, and God blessed him financially and in other ways.

Clyde & Tonya Harden was told in 2019 to downsize from a 2,600 square foot home to a small apartment for one year and we did not know why. Unfortunately, we were not like Noah and Abraham. We didn’t move as quickly lol. But when we did what God said to GO, our FAITH Forward journey began and God not only blessed our family, but he also blessed our Finances because we did what he said to do no matter what. Like Noah & Abraham, we were talked about, and laughed at and God exposed false and true relationships during that time. When I say our faith is forward in our future like no other. We are still watching the hand of God because of that one move.

Sis, I come to encourage you this morning, what have you done, and what are you waiting to do, please Faith Forward. God has no respect of a person all he asks for is our obedience to trust him in our walk with him so that he can direct our path. This next level is not just for you, but it is for everyone connected to you. If Noah or Abraham was here they would tell you, yes we moved when God said move, but the faith move we made was not just for us, but it was for everyone attached to that faith blessing. My husband and I have never gotten anything easy. Everything we received took a lot of Faith and understanding that we have gained and learned throughout the years does not belong to us. But it belonged to everyone that is connected to us. We must share every pain, every trial, every betrayal, every lesson, and every blessing. We have found out through all that we do that it has changed lives.

Lastly, I asked you some questions on our last email blog. I must ask you again because I want your creative juices to start thinking about your next. You don’t have to answer them all but start at one. Sis, I pray you have not given up on your dreams or ideas. You have three more quarters left in this year. I want to encourage you to get back in the game and start walking in your destiny that God has designed for you.

Here are my questions and answers

What person or company will you invest in to help you grow in your gift?

We are investing in some young adults through our Junior Lions Den Mentorship Program (also we are recruiting to learn more on our website

Who are you getting mentored by in the area you want to grow in?

We are being mentored by an organization with over 30 businesses from all over the world and they are flying us out to San Diego in April to pitch our business to investors because of what our mentors have taught us these last 12 weeks.

Who are you collaborating with this year?

We are networking with three other businesses in the Lion’s Den and partnering with some of them to make money together.

What event will you attend that will pour knowledge and wisdom into your dream?

The event in San Diego

What books are you reading that will help you meet your goals in 2024?

Think like Success, Act like Success by Steve Harvey

What are you doing to create time for you?

Going out of town next week to have some me time

Where will you travel in 2024?

Florida or Tennessee still has not decided.

If you answered these few questions, you have now just created your start planning for your next. These questions that I ask my clients and all the time when they feel stuck and trying to identify what they want to do. Listen I also have to ask myself and as you can see we are faithing forward, we have never pitched our business to investors before, but this door opened up and we are walking it by Faith, by Faith Forward.
When you get focused on completing these, you are now living an intentional life. You have started the process of Faith Forward by Planning, Preparing, and Pursuing your dreams in 2024. Don’t give up on you and your dream.

Your sister in Life, Love & Prosperity,

Tonya Harden

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