God did it again!!! Thankful Thursday!!!
Preparing for 2024…
As I sit here this morning reflecting on my 2023, which was amazing, I learned a lot, but one thing I learned is the power of another chance. If you heard my sermon “The Reflection” part 2 my testimony of how God did it again.

Let’s talk about it….

After having a feeling, which I know was God saying get to the doctor, my body did not feel right and I went to the doctor to get check and found out after some test and a biopsy I had to have surgery immediately, because they found cancer cells in my ovaries. Of course I had a moment of OH GOD no, but at the same time I can’t explain it, but a peace came over me, because I knew that God gave me an urgency to get to the doctor asap. Why? Because your girl had already started planning for my 2024 in November of 2023.( I will explain more).

So again, I knew that we were going to be intentional in 2024, but in December 2023 I heard God say go to doctor and I did not delay I went. Before the surgery I was afraid because I have never had surgery like this in my life. The day of the surgery I cried like a baby not because of the cancer, but because I was afraid of not waking up after surgery or something going wrong. While waiting in the hospital waiting for the surgery with my amazing husband, we started talking about our plans for 2024. Let me pause and say how much I love this man, I knew he was trying to change my focus and it worked for a while, he knows my weakness lol. I love talking about purpose, goals and ideas this is a high for me lol… So for a moment I was not focused on the surgery. After having my surgery and meeting with my doctor she said Mrs. Harden got all the cancer cells (TEARS), but we did find some PRE-Cancer behind it, but it is NOT Cancer and we have some procedure that will stop this Pre-Cancer from forming into Cancer. LISTEN, I am in tears while typing this….. God you did it again, you healed another one of your children… I am reminded of the songs many didn’t make it, but I am one of the ones who did. LORD I say THANK YOU for making me one of your miracles again. I am so sooooooo grateful. I was not going to tell anyone, but as I was preaching the sermon The Reflection I just couldn’t keep it to myself. God you healed my body and I will tell my testimony to anyone who wants to listen. “

If you know my story of my kidneys bleeding in 2016 and how I thought I would be in a coma and I did not want my obituary to say I was just Clyde’s wife and Kiana, Alana & Madison mother. I wanted to put some more behind that…. I told my husband then, if I die I will be taking my dreams to my grieve.

Listen, this time was different when the doctor told me that I would need surgery due to cancer cells. I was at peace (omg tears again)….. I was at peace because I did EVERYTHING I said I wanted to do up until that point and whatever I was planning for 2024 was just extra. Don’t get me wrong I still have dreams and ideas, but I have been planning and if I leave today my children can take those plans and continue to build our legacy. LISTEN….. The day in the hospital I told my husband, if something happens I did what I was set out to do since 2016 …. I wrote 5 books and 3 workbooks, I have master classes and a mentorship programs that I have created that has help women all over the world, we have church were God has allowed us to pastor and change lives, we have a business that not only allowed us to make money, but partner with other business to make money and a nonprofit where we continue to give back and walk in Matthew 25, I have content on social media that can always be used and repurpose.

I cried so much in the room because at that moment I felt like a success and not a failure. I made a discussion in 2016 to start living intentionally and don’t take my dreams to my grieve. Because I don’t have time to waste on foolery or foolishness. Nothing against no one, but I can’t because my life depends on it.

Let me encourage you, pause, take the time to answer these questions.

Are you going to take your dreams to the grave or will you start to live on purpose? pause take the time to answer these questions:

What person or company will you invest in to help you grow in your gift?

Who are you getting mentored by in the area you are wanting to grow in?

Who are you collaborating with this year?

What event will you attend that will pour knowledge and wisdom into your dream?

What books are you reading that will help you meet your goals in 2024?

What are you doing to create me time for you?

Where will you travel in 2024?

If you answered these few questions, you have now just created your vision board for 2024. With these questions that I asked my clients all the time when they feel stuck and trying to identify what they want to do. When you get focused on completing these, you are now living an intentional life. Plan, Prepare and Pursue your plans in 2024 so that you can Soar.

Lastly, after this testimony my husband received a call from our Bishop that prophesied over our lives and when I say it was in alignment with our year and years to come. Listen, when I say I don’t have time for the tricks or schemes the devil has…..especially his puppets and little imps he uses to try to distract God’s plans for my life. This year I will LOVE Harder and Disconnect without delay as soon as the spirit of Judas shows up. So Judas go ahead and do what the plans that we have in 2024.. In th

Your sister in Life, Love & Prosperity,

Tonya Harden

P.S excuse typo….. Stay focused….. Hear my heart lol.

I decided to answer my own questions and be vulnerable with you….

What person or company will you invest in to help you grow in your gift? I am empowering and equipped 9 ladies from different locations through my BAM Program. Also our business is mentoring some Junior High students start this month for 12 weeks.

Who are you getting mentored by in the area you are wanting to grow in? My husband and I are getting mentored in business through a company that we receive a grant through for the next 12 weeks. We started yesterday and it was so uncomfortable and unfamiliar. But we are ready to grow in business.

Who are you collaborating with this year? Our Band Development as we start a online University for Lions Den Small Business Community

What event will you attend that will pour knowledge and wisdom into your dream? Event in San Diego for business after our 12 weeks of mentorship…. to learn and network in business

What books are you reading that will help you meet your goals in 2024? Think like success, act like success (Steve Harvey reading now) , From Social media to Social Ministry (Nona Jones), Disruptive thinking (TD Jakes) and She wins, You win (Gayle)

What are you doing to create me time for you? My Birthday weekend a weekend in a hotel room for down time.

Where will you travel in 2024? A family trip away for Christmas in the snow somewhere (Colorado or Utah)