As I write this I can’t believe that we are already in the 8th month of the year. This is bananas, meaning we only have four months left before Christmas and New Years is here. Even though I can’t believe it’s already August, I can say this year has been very interesting for my family and I. I pray so far you have experienced a year of life changing experiences, but if not no worries I got you. God has placed something on my heart to do for the month of August. I will share later.

Let’s talk!!! Now if you have read some of my blogs you have heard a lot of my story, but act like you don’t know and just read with me as I write to you lol.

In 2018 we lost a lot and we spent the next couple of years rebuilding our mind, ministry and money. Yes, our money. Praise God our marriage and relationship with our children became super solid because of the pain, transition and much more that we experienced between 2018-2020. In a nutshell during this time our church downsized in numbers, we downsized in our living arrangement and a lot of people disconnected from us during this time. But, when I say it had to happen for our REBUILDING stage that we had no idea what God was doing.

When I say we felt like we had hit ROCK Bottom. Please know that it had nothing to do with other people, but everything to do with the evaluation and elevation that was about to take place in our life. As I look back over those years I would not take anything back from those moments. God had allowed us to re-evaluate ourselves as individuals, parents, pastors and leaders. God allowed us to rebuild during two of those years. We had to do some self elevations and self care moments. As I was going through these transitions that HAD TO HAPPEN to start the process of rebuilding. I realized God had me teaching lessons to the women in my church on Rebuilding. I had even had a prayer call with them about rebuilding and did not realize all of those messages would be applied soon in my life.

You may have experienced some moments that have made you feel like you just hit rock bottom. I am you and you are me. I want to share with you some tools that I had to use to start Rebuilding after feeling like I had HIT ROCK Bottom. For the last 11 years my husband and I have been doing a Family Affair month at our church, which we are still doing but just in a different way. Our goal has always been to equip the entire family (men, women and children) before school starts, but this year we are making this a one day event (See flyer below).

Due to our women’s ministry in our church (WOD) doing something so BIG in the month of October for our 11th year Anniversary. I decided not to do a women’s conference this month, but believe me something is brewing BIG for next year lol.

Join me and other amazing women this month on social media in Kingdom Women Connect as I share 7 ways to Rebuild after hitting rock bottom. Click HERE to Join

See message I sent the ladies in KWC.

Message to KWC FB group:

For the month of August I will be sharing 7 ways to Rebuild your spiritual Life after you have hit rock bottom. Since we are in the 8th month of the year which means NEW Beginnings…. I will be sharing some principals like:

✅ Rebuilding our minds

✅ Rebuilding our confidence

✅ Rebuilding our Trust

✅ Prison is not our purpose

and much more…..

I can’t wait to rock out with you. This will only happen in this group unless the Lord says different. NO set time due to my crazy schedule, but I will do POP UP Lives so keep your notifications on to join the LIVE. I will be sharing and doing giveaways during some of the lives (books, merchants, upcoming class, etc.) Please feel free to invite a woman to this group that you believe will grow from this group.

In closing, before this year closes out I want to encourage you to start something, finishing what you started or stop that thing you said you would stop. You are designed for greater things because you are destined to change your life while you change others. When you Speak it, Believe it and you can BE It by walking in the manifestation of it. Why can I tell you this, because I am a testament of this. Earlier this year my husband and I said we would Flip something in 2022 (see picture below) because we Spoke it, Believed it and now watching the manifestation of God creation happen before our eyes. Of course we have not made it and now we are working on something that we need to stop doing and I am speaking it, believing it and when it manifests I will be a mouthpiece for him by letting people know GOD DID IT because we Believed he could.

My sister in Christ, let’s grow together and be the mouthpiece together by starting something, finishing something or stopping something and if you don’t know how because you have hit rock bottom, join your girl in the month of August. I don’t have all the answers. I just have a testimony and I have learned the power of the scriptures that says we are delivered by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony.

What are you waiting on? Let’s grow together. Join me for this FREE event on FB. See you there

Yours sister in Christ, Love and Prosperity

Tonya Harden