The book of Mark shows us how this woman that had bleeding issues for 12 years had heard about a man that she believed could change her life forever. During this time of this text this woman was considered unclean, which meant she could not be around other people. I could only image as a mother and wife that she was not allowed to be around her family. I could only image this woman determination to find out how she could get this bleeding to stop. While she was spending money and going to doctors to figure out what was going on with her. Let’s Talk….. She later hears about a man that just told the winds to behave in a storm and that he delivered demons out of a man. I can only image what was going through her mind. She was about to meet her destiny that will change the trajectory of her situation. There was also another man by the name of Jairus that was living life to the fullest and had no idea that his life was about to change with his daughter that was 12 years old. He also heard about the same man that the woman with issues heard about. These two were about to meet destiny together.

What’s the moral or reason for this story this morning. I come to remind you as you go throughout your week that everyone you meet may be the person that’s about to meet destiny with you. They be the person that you learn from or the person that will learn from you today. If you are experiences something I come to encourage look for God in all that you do, because you did not wake up to waste time today. Your purpose has a time clock and someone is waiting on you to walk in your purpose so that they can believe with you or you believe with them. Jairus was there when the lord spoke to this woman whose name was change to Daughter because of her faith. I am not telling you something I heard but telling you something that I know God will change some things if you just have FAITH that he can do will. This woman again whose name was change to Daughter had to have a special place in her heart because of her faith, but most of all she got just what she wanted which was to be healed. OMG, she got what she wanted.


This year my husband and I spoke something that we wanted to do and we are now walking in the manifestation of that FAITH TALK. I shared on my social page that I noticed in the month of June God has birth out somethings spiritual. See below…..
The month of June I have seen God birth out some MAJOR moments in my LIFE:
In June of…
✅1993- I met my High school sweet heart that is now my husband and a father of our 3 beautiful girls.
✅2002- My husband was hired on at a major corporate company that he continues to work at today.
✅2010- We started planning for New Destiny Church to be planted and a church we LOVE Pastoring together.
✅ 2019- We started the process of Jumping into our Business and I am watching God hand rest on them.
✅2021 on my birthday- I started BAM (Butterfly Academy Mentorship) and I have meet woman all over that has changed my life. We grow together.

So of course I am in tip toe anticipation and expecting him to do something that will blow my mind, but if he does not do anything else he has DONE ENOUGH. I AM ALIVE and seeing a day that I have never seen before… Lord I say Thank you for letting me see my BIRTHDAY.
Happy Birthday To Me!!!

When I posted this I had an expectation and God for filled it because of our FAITH.

Moral of this email this morning is to encourage you we only have about 5 months in this year, what are you expecting God to do? Are you believing God for something to happen? Did you say you wanted to start something or stop something the beginning of this year? Are you waiting to meet Destiny? All of these questions have answer, but it’s your choose just like that woman to GO GET IT and let God change some things or for you to see how God did it for someone else like Jarius so this woman believe so that he could believe that his daughter was healed.

Listen I can go on and on. I am now teaching my first series at New Destiny titled: When Destiny Collide with Destiny
Week 1- By Demand
Week 2- By Design
Week 3- By Destination

Click HERE to watch Part 1

Keep FAITH-ing IT and watch God work. Once you hear our Testimony that God did in June and you want more information on how you can do the same thing. Join the HE Services Lions Den email list where we will be sharing more soon. Click HERE to join that mailing list email us at