I had a conversation with my Doctor and she reminded me when I was in a place of beating myself up and feeling like a failure because of a decision that I made as an adult. I know what God told me about my health but because I became comfortable in 2020 I started eating unhealthy and not working out, which caused me to gain more weight that affected my knees. I walked in her office feeling defeated because of my decision and after I told her what I did she looked at me and made a statement that changed my life. She said “This is NOT your portion”. When she made this statement I began to weep because I needed someone to remind me that this was not the end, but the beginning.

Maybe you feel defeated and feel like a failure like I did that day. Maybe you feel like you are in a black tunnel and you don’t see any light at the end of that tunnel. Maybe your husband wanted a divorce, maybe your children are doing things that you did not teach them to do, which makes you feel like a failure as a mother. Just, maybe you are unhappy about your life, marriage, job, business decisions, credit score, etc. I am you and you are me.

On that day while weeping I did not understand what my doctor meant, but I am a student so I went to my best friend aka google lol and researched what portion meant. Woman of God when I finished my research I started to accept my portion that God has for me.

Portion means- The things that someone must accept as a part of their life. The Hebrew word for portion is Inheritance.

Omg this made my spirit leap because I was reminded of Psalms 73:26 when our flesh and heart fails God will be our strength and our portion. I was also reminded of Exodus 6:8 when God made a promise to Abraham, Issac and Jacob , he told Moses the Egyptians will inherit that same promise. This is good news to those that are Believers of Christ that we can have the promises that he told Moses about. After going further into my research I realized that the bible is full of God’s promises, which is our PORTION. I was also reminded of other scriptures like Philippians 4:19 that God will supply all my needs. I was reminded of 3 John 1:2, that we may prosper and be in good health. Lastly, I was reminded in Proverbs 24:6 that I was not a failure, but I failed and God will give me grace IF I make Choice to choose his grace, because we fall, but we can make a choice to get up again. It is our Portion to accept God’s good news by walking into our promises that God has for us.

That day in the doctor’s office I started a journey and I have failed, but every time I fall I make the choice to get up again because I learned my PORTION. My portion is to live in good health, my portion is wealth and riches live in my home, my portion is I am a lender and not a borrow, my portion is I am blessed in the city and blessed in the field, my portion is I am a money magnet that gives back to my church, my community and my city. This IS MY Portion.

My encouragement and question to you as we start the journey of the second quarter of this year in 2022, WHAT IS YOUR PORTION? Sis, your portion aka promises is waiting on you to make your first move and when you do oh my goodness eyes have not seen and hears have not heard what the LORD has in store for you. When you speak, the heavens hear your request. Sis, when you say it, you can have it, if that is peace, joy, generational curses broken or financial breakthrough you can HAVE IT here on earth. One of the promises says that God will give you the desires of your heart and when your heart lines up with God’s heart you will receive what God has for you and not what you want, but what he has given you the desire. Wait, What? Listen, I learned I don’t want the desires of my heart, because sometimes my heart can lead me in the wrong direction. Okay, I am about to shift.

When I wanted to be with a guy that meant me no good if I would have continue to follow my heart I would have had a hot mess for a husband, but when I made discuss to pray about my husband and if God wanted him to be my husband to show me if this is what he desired for me. 22 years later with ups and downs in our marriage, but still in love with each other because of God’s desire for this marriage not ours. So I learned how my desires had to line up with the desires that God had for me, by listening to my first mind. For example: In 2010 I had a desire to start a women’s ministry, but I asked God if this is what he desired for me. Now, eleven years later God has allowed me to connect with women all over the world that have started to walk in freedom because of the different ministry that God has given me to empower women to grow, glow and thrive in their divine purpose. Sis, this is my portion. (See my website to see how we can grow together in life, marriage, ministry and in money www.tonyaharden.com )

Lastly, we all have the same opportunities to receive the same portions that’s in the bible, but it’s our choice. We choose to accept or reject the portions that God has for us and his portion is good news. Sidebar, When you get a chance I want you to Click HERE and listen to the song by Jekalyn Carr that has been my anthem song for months. I have seen God’s hand over our life, marriage, ministry and money because we learned the power in our tongue.

Now, sidebar lol…. It’s up to you to accept your good news by speaking those things to be not as though they were or you can be negative and receive negative. On that day I choose to speak, accept and acknowledge what I need to change. I learned to Decree and Declare God’s promises over my life. I speak it over your life as I spoke this over my life this morning (see what I wrote in my journal)

This is your sister in Life, Love and Prosperity

Stay blessed,

Tonya Harden

My prayer journal I wrote on 9/9/19


I spoke these things in the atmosphere for 14 days straight and in 2020 I saw the manifestation of God take forth and today my life is indescribable and unexplainable overflow of these declaration:

I decree and declare that we are obedient to God’s voices in season and out of season.

I decree and declare that health and wellness lives in the Harden family heart, mind and soul. We will walk in our healthy place by beating our bodies and making it our slave.

I decree and declare that our girls will overcome any adversity, trial or tribulation that they will experience and it will make them spiritually strong for their assignment here on earth.

I decree and declare wealth and riches to live in our house.

I decree and declare that we are money magnets because money runs after us so that we can give back to our church, community and our city.

I decree and declare that those that are assigned to our remnant will receive the same overflow of blessing that we receive. Let your oil of blessing rest on them.

I decree and declare that we will not go back, but forward in life, marriage, ministry and money.

I decree and declare our businesses will walk in the manifestation of blessings that will open up doors and gates for others.

I am victorious

I am an overcomer

I am a money magnet

I am healthy

I will make Jesus famous

I am who God says that I am because Good news is my PORTION

In Jesus Name Amen

Your daughter