Sometimes when we pray three things may happen: either God answers back with a Yes, No, or Wait.

When God blesses me after I have asked him for something and when I see him make ways out of no way, it is the best feeling ever. I have also seen him say no and watch my attitude change because of his no, which sometimes turned into a waiting season.

Sidebar, when God speaks he has his own unique way of speaking to us in actions, in feelings, in dreams, etc. However God speaks, we have a feeling in our spirit that he’s saying yes, no or he’s making us wait. As my grandmother would say, baby he’s just saying you can’t have it right now.

You may be experiencing a waiting period, meaning you are waiting on God to answer your prayers for a financial breakthrough, a contract deal, relationship/husband, a job, a promotion, for healing in your body or your family’s body, and the list goes on.

Sis, you are in a waiting period, but it is not wasted time.

This world may be in a constant rush, however, God never changes the way he answers us. He still tells us to wait on all the things that I listed above and wait some more. If God’s answer to our prayers is “Wait”, this does not mean that God has forgotten you and will not answer. We need to believe that everything God does is so perfect and strategically done on time, just for us.

Okay Tonya, why this topic?

I am in a waiting period and I must say I realized how easy it was for me when I was in my season of receiving YESES from God. Meaning, there’s a time and season for God to say Yes, No, or Wait.

If you remember my blogs from June I took you on a journey of our family building our home and our business. I shared with you our YES season, which was mind-blowing for my family. I watched the evidence of God saying YES, which was unbelievable, unimaginable, and unexpected.

I also shared with you my soft opening of Butterfly Academy Mentorship, which I have been watching women transform right before my eyes. . God has proven his YES moments to me, and now today as I write this I am in a WAITING period with tears of not understanding, but tears of knowing if he did it before he will do it again.

I am asking God for healing in my knees and this has been happening for a month so far, but I am waiting on God.

In 2020 I remember having COVID19 for almost a month. This disease went through my entire family and it was the longest waiting period ever, because of all the deaths we heard happening it was also a scary waiting period. But I had to trust that God would heal my family and I had to speak LIFE not death over this disease. JESUS, because I saw the evidence of healing for my family and how God brought us out of that scary situation. If I spoke life then I must speak life now over my waiting period.

You may be in a waiting period like myself and maybe you waiting on the results of:

  • Job opportunity
  • Your marriage
  • Your home
  • Business deal
  • Your ministry in the church
  • You received a bad result from the doctor
  • Like me you’re waiting on some kind of result

Sis, I am you and you are me.

Waiting does not feel good, but it’s not wasted time when we learn to see how God made others wait in the bible.

For example, Noah waited for 130 years before the rain arrived, Abraham waited 25 years for his promised son, Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness, the women with the issue of blood waited 12 long years.

Listen JESUS waited 30 years before he began his ministry. What are you saying, Tonya? God used all of their waiting periods as a tool to shape and make them into the disciples that they were designed to be.

Moral of this blog.

While we are in a waiting period don’t let it be wasted time. Don’t you dare allow your waiting period to STOP you from dreaming or believing. Allow your waiting time to acknowledge that God is having his way in your life. Don’t allow this time to be a time that you STOP and become stagnated because you have an attitude about your waiting period.

Don’t be like SARAH in the bible, when she gave Hagar to Abraham because she did not know how to wait on God. If you know the story you know the chaos that her decision caused, if not read (Gen: 16). Remind yourself of those in the bible that waited all those years and remember the promises they received while waiting.

The Waiting Period is the lapse of time between our prayer and God’s answer. What we do and the attitude we are willing to adopt during that specific time is crucial. When we are in the waiting season, we are left with only two options, either we complain and find solutions on our own

Sidebar, while in my waiting period my students of Butterfly Academy Mentorship (Snatching Your Identity Masterclass) will tell you I have not missed a beat with them and I share my testimony of waiting with them, which I believe has encouraged the importance of Snatching their Identity Back. Because I TRUST God through this process with them my prayer is that they will continue to fulfill their purposes through any obstacle or adversity. The WAITING Period is the lapse of time between our prayer and God’s answer. What we do and the attifude we are willing to adopt during that time is cruical. When we are in the waiting season, we are left with only two options, either we complain and find the solutions on our own or we can surrender our lives completely to God and allow him to reveal HIS Plan.

Sis, Yes your waiting time is not a wasted time, instead, it can be turned into a blessing. I believe in my waiting time and I can’t wait to share the outcome of my waiting season. I AM HEALED and I AM A MIRACLE in the Making because I believe it is happening for me and you if you BELIEVE IT, SEE IT and BE IT!!!

Your sister in Christ, LOVE, and Prosperity,

Pastor Tonya Harden